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Hidden Sassanid Land

15 Days

Hidden Sassanid Land

$1190 per person

The great tour of Iran in 15 days start in immortal capital of Iran, Tehran with those museums and galleries. Then we take a flight to oasis city of Kerman where Iranian artworks marvel your eyes. Continue with Fars province, land of ancient civilizations, where first Persian empire was formed around 550 B.C. From Shiraz we move directly to Yazd and its creative windcatchers where let you breath tranquilly in warm weather of desert areas. Last but not least is splendid city of Isfahan, where you can touch the best of  Iranian Islamic artworks.

Be part of this amazing tour and let yourself enjoy 15 days out of your comfort zone, let your risk make you the most cheerful person. Accompanying with local, enjoying their lifestyle, eating local dishes and make unforgettable memories are main activities in this tour.

Those who are interested in this tour should be aware that during 15 days we have long drive and some days sleeping in eco-lodges and traditional houses with shared bathrooms but an experience that make you confident for all life.



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13 Nov 2019 | 8+ spaces left

15 Days
12+ Age
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, hiking & sandals shoes, hat and light jacket.
  • Included
    Hidden Sassanid Land
    Domestic Flight
    Airport transportation
    Bottled Water
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    Entry Fees
    Tour Guide
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    Optional Tours
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Day 1: Welcome to Iran

Welcome to Tehran, vivid and lovely city of Iran. Dana host is available to assist you at IKA airport and transfer you to the hotel.

Day 2: Tehran city tour
  • Iran National Museum
  • Golestan Palace
  • Abghineh Museum

After a healthy breakfast, morning sightseeing includes famous museums of Tehran in historic part. Iran National Museum is on the top of the list.

Next site is fabulous Golestan Palace with those colorful tile-work and mirror-work that attracts any tourist.

We have a stop for lunch at bazaar and its area, Iranian local dishes will help you to recover your energy.Continue with Abghineh Museum which is known as Qavam house,This two-storey building was built by Hans Hollein, Austrian architect in late Qajar period.

Tonight is time to enjoy a welcome Iranian style dinner.

Overnight stay at Tehran.

Day 3: Tehran's museums
  • Saad Abad Complex
  • National Jewelry Museum
  • Carpet Museum
  • Tabiat Bridge

Today, try to unravel the Pahlavi mystery by visiting Saad Abad Complex with over 14 buildings. Later we will back to ancient region of Ferdowsi St. to visit treasury of national jewels, National Jewelry Museum.

Final visit will be Carpet Museum where Persian carpets which are well-known in the world in terms of beauty, texture, quality of design, various form of flat weaving, longevity and natural colors.

The rest of the day is free we can also visit contemporary newborn Tabiat Bridge the largest pedestrians overpass in the whole country.

Overnight stay at Tehran.

Day 4: Kerman city tour
  • Ganj Ali Khan bathhouse
  • Ganj Ali Khan bazaar
  • Kerman Jameh mosque

Early morning flight to Kerman. Full day excursion to Ganj Ali Khan Complex includes bathouse, mosque, caravanserai, bazaar and madresse and later Jame mosque.

Overnight stay at Kerman.

Day 5: Visit to Bam & Mahan
  • Bam citadel
  • Shah Nematollah Valli shirine
  • Shazdeh garden

Morning drive to Bam for visiting Bam Citadel. Back to Mahan for visiting Shah Nematollah Valli Shrine and Shazdeh Persian Garden.

Overnight stay at Mahan.

Day 6: Visit to Sarvestan
  • Sarvestan palace
  • Maharloo lake

Morning drive to Shiraz. En-route cities are Sirjan, Fasa and Sarvestan which is all tourists sites belonged to Sassanid era are registered by UNESCO in 2018 and a few kilometers away we have a visit to Maharloo lake. So, we have a long drive from Mahan to Shiraz with scheduled stop.

Overnight stay at Shiraz.

Day 7: Shiraz city tour
  • Eram Garden
  • Nasir-al Mulk Mosque
  • Karim Khan Citadel
  • Vakil Complex
  • Hafez Tomb

Today we visit Persian Garden of Eram, then we explore colorful Nasir-al Mulk Mosque or as it called Pink Mosque. Karim Khan Citadel is our next site which is visited.

After a local lunch, we jump to Vakil bazaar and its other belongings constructions such as bathhouse and mosque. We also spend some time at Hafez Tomb, great Persian Poet.

Overnight stay at Shiraz.

Day 8: Visit to Firuzabad city
  • Qale Dokhtar
  • Ardeshir Babakn palace
  • The Victory relief of Ardeshir
  • Ancient city of Ardeshir Khurreh.

Today we want to discover another UNESCO site of Sassanid dynasty (224-651 A.D) in the city of Firuzabad. Qale Dokhtar, Ardeshir Babakn palace, the Victory relief of Ardeshir and archaelogical city Ardeshir Khurreh. Back to Shiraz.

Overnight stay at Shiraz.

Day 9: Visit to Bishapur city
  • Anahita temple
  • Bishapur city
  • Tang Chogan relief

Morning drive to Bishapur, the third Sassanid city that is registered by UNESCO IN 2018. Bishapur includes Anahita Temple, Mosaic iwan, mosque and bathhouse. Later Tang Chogan consists of 6 inscriptions. Back to Shiraz.

Overnight stay at Shiraz.

Day 10: Visit to Achaemenid capital
  • Pasargadae
  • Persepolis
  • Achaemenid Necropolises

Today we take a wonderful sightseeing to Achaemenid Capitals. We keep our way to Pasargadaethe palace of Cyrus the Great and the old capital of Achaemenid dynasty, the first Persian kingdom (550-330 B.C).

We spend rest of the day on visiting Persepolis ceremonial complex. After Persepolis, we shall drive to the nearby tombs at Naqsh-e Rustam. Keep on our way to Yazd. En-route visit Abarkooh city for visiting Aghazadeh House and Abarkooh cypress.

Overnight stay at Taft.

Day 11: Yazd city tours
  • Zoroastrian towers of silence
  • Water museum
  • Bahram fire temple
  • Yazd Jameh mosque
  • Amir Chaghmakh complex

Morning visit to Taft and its area. Continue to Yazd for visiting Zoroastrian Towers of silence, water museum, Bahram fire temple, Jameh mosque and Amir Chaghmakh complex.

Overnight stay at Yazd.

Day 12: Drive to Isfahan
  • Stroll into Aghda area
  • Naein Jameh mosque
  • Pirnia traditional house
Early morning drive to Yazd. En-route visit small cities of Aghda and Naein both for their historic sites. Overnight stay at Isfahan.
Day 13: Isfahan city tour
  • Imam Mosque
  • Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Ali Qapu Palace
  • Qeysarieh Bazaar

Early morning drive to Isfahan. Today, we begin with Imam Mosque in UNESCO registered site of Naghsh-e Jahan square.

Later we visit Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace and its music room. The rest of day you are free to roam along historic Qeysareieh Bazaar. Late in the evening we visit Safavid (17th A.D) Khaju Bridge and Si-o-Se Pol there you can stroll by the Zayandeh Rud River.

Overnight stay at Isfahan.

Day 14: Isfahan, half of the world
  • Vank Cathderal
  • Jameh Mosque of Isfahan
  • Chehel Sotoun Palace

Today we see and feel the Armenian character of Isfahan where we visit Vank Cathedral and spend some time on Jolfa district.  Later we visit Jameh Mosque of Isfahan.

After lunch, we continue our day by visiting Chehel Sotoun Palace the UNESCO site which is registered 2011.

This evening we enjoy Pahlavani and Zoorkhanei Ritual, inscribed in 2010 on intangible list of UNESCO.

Overnight stay at Isfahan.

Day 15: Back to home

Early morning drive to Tehran. Transfer to international Tehran airport, IKA.

End of services.



Value For Money


1100 EURO


Hotels in Iran are rated from 1 to 5-star locally, according to your type of itinerary and routes, you may stay at eco-houses, traditional houses or caravanserai that are converted into standard hotels. You may encounter public shower or bath and W.C in traditional accommodation, mostly in the small villages of course not in major cities that in every room there is an en-suite bathroom. Also in this kind of accommodation, travelers may stay together in one room, mostly not more than 3 in a room because the number of rooms are limited. The main purpose of accommodate in these hotels is to get familiar with traditional lifestyle of Iranian.

  • 2 nights accommodation in a 4-star hotel in Tehran
  • 1 night accommodation in a 3/5-star hotel in Kerman
  • 1 night accommodation in a eco-house in Mahan
  • 4 nights accommodation in a 4-star hotel in Shiraz
  • 1 night accommodation in an eco-lodge in Taft
  • 1 night accommodation in a 3/4-star hotel or eco-lodge in Yazd
  • 3 nights accommodation in a 4-star hotel in Isfahan


  • Golestan Palace
  • Jewelry Museum
  • Ganj Ali Khan Bazaar
  • Vakil Complex
  • Jameh Mosque of Yazd
  • Vank Cathedral

The following UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be seen or visited on this tour:

  • Golestan Palace - 2013
  • Bam Citadel - 2004
  • Shazdeh Garden - 2011
  • Persepolis - 1979
  • Pasargadae - 2004
  • Sassanid Archaeological sites - 2018
  • Yazd city - 2017
  • Imam Mosque - 1979
  • Ali Qapu Palace - 1979
  • Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque - 1979
  • Qeysarieh Bazaar - 1979
  • Jameh Mosque of Isfahan - 2012

The following CITIES are visited on this tour:

  • Tehran, current Iran capital
  • Kerman, city of Safavid monuments
  • Shiraz, city of Sassanid & Achaemenid sites
  • Yazd, city of windcatchers
  • Isfahan, half of the world


Full breakfast daily, lunch or dinner, including a welcome dinner in Tehran.