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meet the team

Our Mission

  • Create unique travel experiences in Iran for travel lovers to achieve more goals
  • Respecting sustainable tourism by arranging small group tours
  • Providing competitive services and driving our key brands in terms of creativity and uniqueness

Our Vision

  • Building the first eco-house by 2025 regarding to the green hotels standards.
  • Tripling the income by 2023 via participating local society in tourism services
  • Becoming Iran’s leading sustainable tours and expand our international footprint

DanaTrips Logo’s Story

At the first glance, you can figure out a mosque features mainly its conical dome. It’s inspired by Agha Bozorg mosque in Kashan which is not only a mosque but also a school.  A bit deeper look, let you see the unique Persian columns that demonstrate the stability of magnificent Persepolis palace, where the foundation of the first and the biggest Persian Empire erected. It’s formed “T” as Trips. “D” specifies Dana that in Farsi means someone, man or woman, who knows more than others. Color of azure is symbol of peace. It applies as one of the main colors for decorating tiles and domes. DanaTrips’ logo symbolizes Iran as a destination which has something for all types of travelers and we are here to let a dream of visiting Iran comes true.

DanaTrips Co-Founders


Farzad Farhoumand

CEO & General Manager


Mahtab Kheiri

Inbound Department Manager

I love traveling and for this passion I studied hotel management at A.T.U. For me, Iran is always appealing with all history, tradition, colors and charming natural beauties. DanaTrips for me is a dream came true, an idea of encountering people with different cultures, talking with them about traveling and customs, learning via cultural exchange, traveling, sharing itineraries with travel lovers. Frankly speaking without the joy of traveling, I can’t fulfill my desires and I won’t shine!

Our Team


Yasaman Nabati

Iranologist & Marketing Coordinator


Sina Salemi

Travel Planner


Iman Akrami

Web Developer & Designer


Mona Kheiri

UI/UX Designer

You can work with us in various fields, it completely depends on yourself! We love to work with everyone who has a passion for traveling, like to share experiences and be a storyteller. We like to hear from you.